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    Domestication of a Foreign Order (Child Support, Alimony, etc) in Florida

    The title, “Domestication of a Foreign Order”, implies the order needing domestication is from outside the United States. While this is true in some instances, the majority of orders in this category result from moving to another state outside the state where the order was adjudicated. We live in a mobile society. Many people move from place to place every few years or even more often. Jobs move employees, people marry and move with their spouse, or sometimes people just want a change in their environment or a place with better educational opportunities for their children. And, since every state has...

    Alimony and Standard of Living Factor

    For alimony, what does the factor “standard of living” during marriage really mean as a factor to determine the amount of alimony? One of the most disputed and controversial aspects of a dissolution of marriage (divorce), is the type and amount of alimony (spousal support) to be awarded to whichever party deserves the support. This is especially true in what is called “high end” or “high earner” marriages. Sometimes millions of dollars are at stake and, while a couple can, and often do, create their own settlement during a mediation prior to a court hearing (in the state of Florida a...

    Five Things Attorneys Want to Tell Their Clients

    You are sitting in an attorney’s office waiting to meet the attorney you are considering or have chosen to represent you in a legal matter, be it civil or criminal. You have a whole list of things you want to tell and ask the attorney and you are even ready to write his or her answers down.The next half hour or so is important and could even change the course of your life. A successful outcome for your issues usually means a great deal to you and you will be counting on the attorney, if at all possible, to make...

    Don’t record your spouse without consent

    It is very tempting to record conversations a spouse is having with someone who can demonstrate that a particular fact is indeed true in regards to a certain situation in a case such as a dissolution of marriage (divorce). For example, in Florida, you might believe your spouse is funneling important marital assets, that are property, real or personal, that were acquired during the marriage and will be part of the equitable distribution following final judgment. The phone rings and as you quietly picks it up the party on the other end, not realizing you are listening outlines plans to...

    Professionalism in the Practice of Law

    Professionalism: The conduct, aims, or qualities that characterize or mark a profession or a professional person.” Merriam-Webster In many ways, professionalism is the key to determining if a person in the legal profession is truly committed to their client's goals and needs. When looking for an attorney to represent you in any type of legal matter, in addition to the cost, education, and experience, there are a number of things to look for, most of which come under the definition of professionalism. Here are ten of the most important keys to an attorney’s ability to be the legal professional you are...

    How to Impeach a Trial Witness

    Definition of “impeachment of a witness” from Black’s Law Library: “where the believability of a witness is questioned that is based on the testimony of other witnesses.” Believability in a courtroom refers to whether a witness is speaking the truth. While most persons will be truthful, there are exceptions and if it can be proven by any party that the witness is not likely telling the truth, the witness will be impeached and their testimony will not be admissible in the court proceedings. The key word is “proven” and both the defense attorney and the prosecuting attorney have the right to...

    Is Trial The End of The Road? What About Appeals?

    To begin this blog a definition of “legal appeal” is necessary. Online Legalzoom states the following: “An appeal is a request made to a higher court to review a decision made by a lower court. It is not a rehearing of the case you presented” No, a trial is not the mandatory end of the road in a Family Law case decision in Florida. However, as judges usually have wide latitude in making decisions, especially in dissolution of marriage, it is not likely an appellate court will reverse the judge’s decision unless there has been judicial error or the misuse of...

    Why You Shouldn’t Text Your Attorney

    As time moves more and more into the age of technology, the use of cellphones with the capability of texting is becoming almost as common as the use of what is now termed a “land line”. Particularly with the younger age group, they use cell phones almost exclusively, and studies show that many senior citizens are learning and liking the use and convenience of modern phone technology as well. While this makes for amazing speed of information gathering and communicating with others, there are some definite drawbacks when it comes to communicating with one’s attorney, especially in the area of...

    The Importance of Professionalism in the Legal Profession

    The very word “profession’ denotes there is supposed to be professionalism around somewhere, but where is the somewhere? Unfortunately, due to much unprofessional behavior among lawyers over the years, it is a joke in some circles that there probably isn’t a lawyer left practicing professionalism. This of course isn’t true and hopefully this blog will give some positive insight. It is interesting to note that the legal profession itself is concerned with the professionalism of its members and in April of 2015 a conference organized by the Harvard Law School Center on the Legal Profession was held to deal directly with...

    Legal Advice: Why It Can’t Be Given Away For Free

    To begin with, let’s take a look at just what “legal advice” is. Going online it is interesting to note there are numerous definitions from a wide variety of sources. Each definition has similarities but there are some subtle differences. The following are several of the most complete: Wikipedia: “the giving of a professional or formal opinion regarding the substance or procedures of the law in relation to a particular factual situation.” State Definitions of the Practice of Law-American Bar Association: “Providing advice or preparing documents for another, which affect legal rights or duties.” Regarding Florida in particular it...

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