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Low Cost Divorce in Palm Beach

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Low Cost Divorce in Palm Beach

Divorce in Florida, which is where Palm Beach is located, is now termed Dissolution of Marriage. As in every state, there are definite guidelines found in the state’s statutes covering all aspects, including, but not limited to, distribution of marital assets and liabilities, alimony, retirement programs, and if minor children are involved, child support and child custody, now termed parental timesharing. It is vitally important to understand these statutes and how they apply to each individual situation. Unless the couple has no minor children, agrees on all points of property, asset, and liability division, and the dissolution is uncontested it is wise to hire an attorney to work with you through the legal process of obtaining a Florida divorce. Grant Gisondo is a West Palm Beach family law attorney experienced in the area of dissolution of marriage and all the areas it entails. To make an appointment for a free, initial, in-office consultation where Attorney Gisondo will meet with you personally call (561) 530-4568.

Understandably, being able to afford an attorney is a concern for most people. A low cost divorce in Palm Beach is likely hard to come by unless one handles their own proceedings, which, as noted above, is rarely advisable. Even doing an uncontested divorce has filing fees, service fees, and sometimes court costs. How then does someone get a low cost divorce in Palm Beach using an attorney?

How do attorney’s set their fees?

There are two basic ways attorney’s set fees. One is by the hours spent on an individual case and the other is by charging a retainer consisting of up-front money.

What is a retainer and how does it work?

This means the attorney will not begin work on an individual’s case until an agreed upon amount is paid up front by the client. There are three kinds of retainers:

  1. General is where an amount is determined for a certain period of time rather than a specific outcome.
  2. Retaining fee is when an upfront lump sum is placed in a trust fund to cover costs of preparation, mediation (required in Florida prior to court) and litigation. When the case is finished or if the attorney is no longer needed any monies left over will be refunded.
  3. Special retainer is an upfront flat fee paid for the attorney hired to handle a case or perform a specific service. No matter how much or little time is spent or services rendered this type of retainer simply covers costs to completion of the case or services so no unused money will be returned. Furthermore, if, during the contracted case or services the attorney is discharged, no remaining money will be refunded.
How does charging by the hour work?

In this arrangement, the attorney will closely record all time spent on a client’s case and bill for the number of hours at a cost per hour agreed upon by client and attorney. These hours can be broken into minute increments for such situations as phone calls, letter writing, e-mailing, document preparation, case research, hearings, mediation and/or court appearances. Time increments will be added together to make the number of hours to be billed. Additionally, necessary fees needed on your behalf and out-of-pocket expenses incurred by the attorney will be billed to you. Usually there is an up-front retainer charged to cover projected hours and depending on the length of your case you may be billed along the way before the attorney will proceed further.

How can I find out what fees an attorney will charge?

Sometimes an attorney will post their fee arrangements on their website or allow their receptionist to give basic information over the phone. Usually, however, a person must make an appointment to speak with the attorney in person. This is understandable as each case is different depending on the needs and requirements necessary to obtain a disillusionment of marriage for that particular individual.

How can I get a low cost divorce in Palm Beach?

Handling your divorce by yourself will cost the least. When using an attorney as is most often wise, the best way to find out costs is to compare what several attorneys charge and how their fee schedule works. Most family law attorneys offer an initial, in-office, free consultation where you will be able to get the cost and qualification information you need for comparison. And, if possible, you don’t want to sacrifice quality for low cost so there are some qualification points to consider as well as the cost before making your final decision. Here are ten points for consideration:

  1. How long has the attorney been in practice?
  2. Does he/she have their own family law practice where you will have more personal contact with your attorney or does he/she work for a corporate firm where the use of paralegals and assistants is widely practiced?
  3. How easy is it to get in contact with the attorney in person when important situations arise and how long is the usual call-back time?
  4. Does the attorney encourage you to do as much of your own preparation as possible, in other words, for example, research, letter writing, filling out forms, in order to lesson over-all costs?
  5. Is their website detailed and up to date including a mission statement and working principles?
  6. Does the attorney seem genuinely interested in you, the person, and seem to care what would be in your best interest?
  7. Does he/she have a solid knowledge of Florida Statues regarding dissolution of marriage and is able to explain to you what it means in your particular case?
  8. Will you be provided with a printed outline as to what basic steps will be taken in obtaining a Florida divorce?
  9. If minor children will be involved does the attorney have experience in working with developing a parenting plan which covers timesharing, and experience with child support calculations, as well as modification and relocation issues when needed?
  10. Do the majority of cases handled by this attorney concern divorce issues including pre and postnuptial agreements, property, asset, and liability distribution, alimony, retirement funds, and modifications?

Once you have compared fee schedules and information about several West Palm divorce attorneys you will able to make a decision, which is the lowest cost attorney with the best answers to your concerns.

Attorney Gisondo’s mission statement is “We are a guiding light through even the darkest of situations which result in solutions. I provide clients going through a tough time with a light at the end of a tunnel. I counsel clients about good decision making in both their emotional and financial future.

His working principles are:

  1. Earning by actions, trust, loyalty, and respect.
  2. Always be accessible and responsible to clients.
  3. Honesty, Integrity, and justice through experience.
  4. I will always keep an open ear and open mind and will fight your fight as if it were my own.”

You can call his office at (561) 530-4568.


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