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Family Law, What Does This Mean?

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Family Law, What Does This Mean?

family law

For the average person, when the need for an attorney arises they aren’t sure where to start looking. Even looking in the yellow pages of the phone directory is confusing as there in not just a long list of lawyers to choose from but many different kinds of law practices represented.

As you are reading this on the website of Family Law Attorney Grant Gisondo, PA you are likely interested in understanding just what a Family Law practice encompasses. To put it simply, Family Law covers all areas of legal assistance needed to help persons with legal matters pertaining to family issues. Here are many of the issues with a brief summary of how a Family Law attorney can help.

Divorce or dissolution of marriage as it is now referred to is, in most instances, a legal jungle of paperwork, filing motions, and trying to get the best outcome for the person both financially and where children are involved, their care and support. From start to finish an experienced Family Law attorney can guide, prepare, and accomplish the task while helping smooth the path emotionally for the client.

Child support for children is both from couples ending a marriage and those ending a relationship. Each state has very definite guidelines to be followed, and it takes an attorney well versed in family law to sort out all the dynamics of a case.

Parental time sharing, previously referred to as child custody, is another tricky area for married or non-married couples. Again, each state has very strict guidelines that really take a family law attorney to navigate successfully in the best interest of the child.

Alimony, now often referred to as spousal support, can help a person to financially make the transition from a married to a single lifestyle. Many factors are taken into account, including if there is even to be any financial assistance at all.

Equitable distribution of marital and non marital assets is an area filled with complications as to definition of who should have what. Again, each state has guidelines, which take a lawyer well versed in family law to navigate.

Prenuptial and Postnuptial agreements are legally binding documents outlining what assets belong to which party both before and during marriage in case of a divorce.

Past Judgment Modifications involving alimony and child support. This involves going back to court to make changes in the amount of money originally awarded.

Paternity is determining if a man is truly the father of a child.

Adoption is helping a couple to legally make a child a part of their family.

Same Sex Marriage and Partnership includes issues relating to legal matters according to the laws of each state.

As you can see, a Family Law practice is filled with very important legal concerns, which need an attorney highly skilled and knowledgeable. Attorney Grant Gisondo, PA is the attorney you need in Palm Beach, Martin, St. Lucie, Broward, Dade, Hillsborough and Orange counties, Florida.

To find out more about family law, click here and listen to Mr. Gisondo’s interview on radio station 900 AM, Talk of the Palm Beaches.

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