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Grant J. Gisondo, P.A. – Family Law Attorney

Palm Beach Concierge Divorce

We're here to help you take control of your uncontested divorce.
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Speak with a board certified Palm Beach concierge divorce lawyer

For busy professionals or high profile individuals, our Palm Beach Concierge Divorce service offers these benefits and more:

  • Direct phone and text line access to your board certified attorney.
  • We’ll always return your calls the same day.
  • No need to leave your home, we’ll come to you or meet virtually if you prefer.
  • Frequent and continuous updates on your family law matters.
  • First priority for expert witnesses.
  • We’ll connect you with high-level professionals such as financial planners, realtors, and insurance agents.
  • Our team will go above and beyond and provide the highest level of service we offer.

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About Our Concierge Divorce Service

Your divorce, your way.

The concierge attorney relationship is perfect for those who want to work with a team of experts and receive exceptional service, on your terms. We’re here to support you through the divorce process in the comfort of your of home or office, day or night.

We understand that time is incredibly valuable to you, as is the preservation of your assets.

By hiring Grant Gisondo, P.A on a concierge basis, you not only get a board certified family law attorney but also one that is easily accessible by phone, text, or video call on your schedule.

Divorce can be a stressful and emotionally charged process. The concierge attorney relationship ensures that you’ll never have to make an important decision without proper legal advice.

Types of Family Law Matters We Handle

Palm Beach Concierge Divorce


Other Modifications






Child Support


Postnuptial Agreements


Parental Timesharing


Equitable Distribution


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The Board Certified Advantage

Grant J Gisondo P.A.

Board Certified Family Law Attorney

Grant Gisondo provides clients, going through a tough time, a light at the end of the tunnel.

Grant J. Gisondo, Esquire, is the founder of Grant J. Gisondo, P.A., located in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida.  Mr. Gisondo’s practice focuses exclusively on marital and family law.

Mr. Gisondo is a graduate of Nova Southeastern University, Shepard Broad Law Center in Davie, Florida.  Mr. Gisondo also holds a Bachelor of Science in Marketing and Finance from Palm Beach Atlantic University in West Palm Beach, Florida.  Mr. Gisondo was admitted into The Florida Bar in 2011, the Washington D.C. Bar in 2012, and the New York State Bar in 2018.

Mr. Gisondo’s extensive knowledge in business and finance make him a highly sought after family law and divorce attorney, particularly in cases involving complex financial matters.  When necessary, Mr. Gisondo enlists the support of experienced experts, including, but not limited to, forensic accountants, vocational evaluators, business valuators, and forensic psychologists, to ensure the highest level of advocacy for his clients and their claims.

Mr. Gisondo has represented business owners, professional athletes, executives, medical, legal, and financial professionals, as well as working class men and women.  Mr. Gisondo’s representation is tailored specifically to each client’s family dynamics, financial circumstances, and objectives in resolving their family law issue.  This is especially important when helping clients manage the emotional strain of family law litigation.  No two cases are exactly alike, and thus it is important to examine every case individually to ascertain the best course of action to achieve the client’s desired result.

Having developed a strong reputation for providing top caliber representation, while maintaining the highest level of integrity, Mr. Gisondo been selected by the Florida Bar Family Law Referral Service for Palm Beach County as well as a Legal Aide Family Law Approved Lawyer.

Additionally, Mr. Gisondo is a founding member of The American Academy of Certified Financial Litigators; a member of Lawyers of Distinction since 2016 and has won awards for Best Layers in Palm Beach County, Best Lawyers in Jupiter, Attorney and Practice Magazine’s Top 10 lawyers in the State of Florida, and has been awarded the Avvo client’s choice award each year since 2016.

Our Office is Conveniently Located in Palm Beach Gardens

FAQ’s About Divorce

Divorce, now termed dissolution of marriage, is a word that generates a number of painful thoughts and emotions. Few couples on their wedding day anticipate their marriage could ever be over and they would once again go their separate ways. Sadly, however, time often changes people, situations, and circumstances, and a couple finds, for a variety of reasons, they can no longer live together as husband and wife.

Why concierge divorce?

For busy professionals or high profile individuals, our concierge divorce program offers these benefits and more:

  • Direct phone and text line access to your board certified attorney.
  • We’ll always return your calls the same day.
  • No need to leave your home, we’ll come to you or meet virtually if you prefer.
  • Frequent and continuous updates on your family law matters.
  • First priority for expert witnesses.
  • We’ll connect you with high-level professionals such as financial planners, realtors, and insurance agents.
  • Our team will go above and beyond and provide the highest level of service we offer.
Why choose Grant Gisondo?

Attorney Gisondo is part of only 1% of Florida Marital and Family Law lawyers who have received board certification.

Attaining the honor of Board Certification in Marital and Family Law administered by The Florida Bar and officiated by The Florida Supreme Court means Attorney Grant Gisondo can use the letters BCS (Board Certified Specialist) behind his name and accredits him with being considered an expert in his field. The certification is a voluntary process that requires at least five years of active experience to apply, a requisite number of trial experience, and peer/judicial evaluation. Following application, the candidate must demonstrate skills and expertise in a particular field of law by passing a comprehensive examination and by being evaluated by peers for ethical and professional expertise in the candidate’s chosen field. Board certification is the gold standard for Florida lawyers.

Where does Grant Gisondo serve clients?

We serve clients in Palm Beach Gardens, West Palm Beach, Palm Beach, Jupiter and Martin County.

How will Attorney Gisondo handle your divorce?

First he will let you know he is truly there for YOU. He will ask about the particulars of your reasons for seeking divorce and encourage you to be absolutely sure you and your spouse have tried all avenues to try to make your marriage work. He will even suggest counseling if that has not been tried. When you are both sure there is no other course than to dissolve your marriage, Attorney Gisondo will begin to work on your case. First there will need to be a petition for Dissolution of Marriage filed in the county where you are a resident. This petition will be served to your spouse who would then have twenty days to file his or her answer to your petition.

During the time you are waiting for an answer from your spouse, you will need to be collecting personal information regarding your situation and the proof needed to document your concerns. This will be used by Attorney Gisondo to structure your case. He then can provide you with details of any additional information or proof he needs to proceed in your best interests. You will also be working on documents for mandatory disclosure, with proof of your financial circumstances, including checking and savings, credit cards, debts, and retirement accounts. This is called your financial affidavit and your spouse will be required to fill one out as well. If you have children from your marriage this is a good time to take a Florida Parenting Class that will meet the requirements of the Florida Parent Education and Family Stabilization course necessary to obtain a divorce in the state of Florida. You can find this class locally or on-line. Your spouse will also need to take such a class.

Following the gathering of information and filling out required documents Attorney Gisondo will prepare your case based on the response from your spouse, and your needs such as spousal support, identifying and handling equitable distribution of marital assets including real estate, business ventures, and retirement plans, and if there are children involved, parental timesharing and child support. Special needs unique to your case will also be addressed.

Can the case go directly to court or is mediation required first?

In the state of Florida mediation is required before a dissolution of marriage case can be heard by a judge. This is actually a good thing, Attorney Gisondo points out, as with the help of a third party you have a say in what the final decisions will be where as in the courtroom a judge will make all the final decisions whether you like them or not. Of course it often happens the two parties and their lawyers, who are also present, simply cannot agree and the case will then be scheduled for court. More discovery and additional depositions will likely take place while waiting for a court date. Sometimes a Temporary Relief Hearing before a judge will be held to address immediate concerns during the waiting period such as parental timesharing including over nights, child support, equitable distribution, spousal support and who gets to stay in the family dwelling. Typically, each party has 15 minutes before the judge, the hearing is set for a total of 30 minutes.

What happens when I get to court?

The judge assigned to your case may require a second mediation before agreeing to actually hear what you and your spouse have to say and viewing documented proof of allegations and need. But you are entitled to your day in court where you and your attorney will be able to explain your case in detail and present required evidence. After listening to both sides and considering the evidence the judge will make a final determination of outcomes and you will be given your dissolution of marriage as part of the final judgment.


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